visa process

More information will be given regarding visas once applicants have been accepted to the Dowra. This is due to the fact that such information (regarding visas) is ordinarily given to the Dowra Admin team much closer to the Dowra commencement date.


  • The administration at Dar al-Mustafa advise students to travel via the Cairo to Seiyun route in order to avoid difficulties at other border entry points. Students wishing to enter via alternative routes do so at their own risk. It is possible you may be denied entry and will be required to return home.

  • All applicants must send a colour scan of the photo page of their passport for obtaining visas.

Once applicants have been accepted to the Dowra, the port of entrance to Tarim may vary:

  1. via Oman
    Travel to Salalah, Oman and then enter Yemen via bus through the Mazunah border. The bus journey will be approximately 12 hours. In the past, visas could be obtained at the border for USD$100. This will be clarified once applicants have been accepted.

  2. via Egypt/Jordan to Seiyun
    Travel to Egypt or Jordan and then catch a local flight to Seiyun. From Seiyun airport, there will be a short taxi trip (approx. 30 - 40mins) to Tarim.

  3. via Abu Dhabi to Mukalla
    Travel to Abu Dhabi and then catch a local flight to Mukalla. From Mukalla airport, Tarim is approximately 5 hours away via bus. This travel route has yet to be opened, though the ticket office has indicated it may do so before the Dowra commences. More information will be provided once applicant have been accepted.